Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 02:02:10 -0700

Jeff Binkley wrote:
> I'll have to plead ignorance for the acronym VSA but I do have one other

VSA is Vendor Specific Attributes. Its a away of passing information
from the RADIUS server to the RADIUS client that is specific to a
vendor (outside the standard or defined RADIUS attributes).

> question. Does the current version of RADIUS or a future version support
> filters ? In the USR implementation I am running, it has an option to pass the
> NAS a filter type and name to allow packet filtering on the individual account.
> I use this to offer E-Mail only types of services and guest accounts.

Filtering is a NAS specific implementation. Ascend uses binary filters,
Livingston uses named filters (and recently dynamic aqusition via
RadiusNT supports sending RADIUS attributes. If you NAS supports
filtering via RADIUS attributes, then you should have no problem with