Re: SQL Error when RadiusNT authenticates using Access 97

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 28 Jun 1997 11:50:55 -0700 ()

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Danny Sinang wrote:

> If SteelHead doesn't send the complete info for RADIUS accounting to work
> in ODBC mode, then why do I get a detail file in the acct\
> directory ?

Because the text accounting is just a dump of what RadiusNT
receives. No verification or anything is done on it.
ODBC is quite different than text.

> Does this mean SteelHead actually works and I just need to provide some
> data in some table in Access 97 ( like RADCONFIG ) ?

Yes. I have authed steelhead users from RadiusNT. I guess in the
end it really depends on what your definition of "works" is.
Auth is OK, accounting is not even close to useable.

> If not, then are there any other RADIUS clients for NT ?

Not for RAS. Only MS can provide that piece.