Re: Concurrency Lockout Help

Joel AG Oliveira ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 14:19:37 -0300

Dear Dale,

First of all, I would like to thanks to your response. Now with 1.16.49 it
is working very well, including concurrency control.

Dear Mauro,

You can get 1.16.49 from our FTP site at the address:

Good luck!

Joel A.G. Oliveira

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--- ----From: Mauro J. Jaskelioff <>To: RadiusNT@emerald.iea.comDate: Terça-feira, 24 de Junho de 1997 11:50Subject: Re: Concurrency Lockout Help

>Joel AG Oliveira wrote:>>>> Is anybody using Concurrency Lockout, Updating Calls-OnLine andMS-Access7>> ODBC without any abort (-R19)?>>>> I'm using RadiusNT Version ...60 and I've not found a way to avoid aUser>> to Login twice.>>You need use 1.16.49 with MS Access. The manual calls update had>a bug that would crash RadiusNT in 1.16.52 and 1.16.60.>>-->Dale E. Reed Jr. (

Where I can´t get 1.16.49? I´m having exactly this problem now...

Is there a fix coming soon for the 1.16.60?

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