Re: emerald and radius

Suyue Zhou ( )
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 14:45:16 +0800

At 18:40 6/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>well I have been trying to get this thing running for a while with no
>figured I could get some help here
>we are currently running radiusNT .60 with no problems on an Access DB,
>just got SQL up and am trying to get the whole emerald package
>going....however, I can't authenticate a user....also I get quite a few SQL
>errors on is the debug info and help would be appreciated.
Please read the radinstall.txt very carefully. There is a part describe how
to set up
access right about the sql database. In my experince you did not follow it
to grant
access right of you radiusnt user.
Please follow all the steps in the radinstall.txt. Then get into radiusnt
interface to set radiusnt use odbc mode, select a correct dsn, use a correct
database login
name and password to check your radius to emerald database's connectivity.
if the check sucess
then you can start up you radius. Remember to add some test user in emerald.
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