Re: Configuring COMPUTONE to work with RADIUSNT

Barry at Mint City Internet ( )
Thu, 29 May 1997 09:16:50 -0400

>Nope. I've got both Computone and PM3 working with RadiusNT just fine.
>Oh yeah, radius accounting works as well. Must be pilot error. The
>only problem with Computone is this stupid TFTP crap for booting with
>their latest crappy kernel.
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Well, maybe you could give some pointers? We have Radius on a P60 with 64
Megs of ram, running Nt4.0 service pack1. Using flat file for users. Radius
ran great last week. Added 3 names to file and now even a good
authentication will bring it down after it sends the ack to the NAS. In
radadmin, we have nothing checked except use flat file. Ports are listed
and in correct sequence in the windows system file. we are using radius .60
as version.

Barry "hopeful you can help" Buchholz