Re: Configuring COMPUTONE to work with RADIUSNT

Tommy Cheng ( )
Thu, 29 May 1997 07:20:18 -0700

Barry at Mint City Internet wrote:
> Well, maybe you could give some pointers? We have Radius on a P60 with
> 64
> Megs of ram, running Nt4.0 service pack1. Using flat file for users.
> Radius
> ran great last week. Added 3 names to file and now even a good
> authentication will bring it down after it sends the ack to the NAS.
> In
> radadmin, we have nothing checked except use flat file. Ports are
> listed
> and in correct sequence in the windows system file. we are using
> radius .60
> as version.

Don't tell me. You are use *reload* aren't you? Don't do that. Are
you using an NTP server for Computone? If you aren't, then see it
crash. Lastly, try to run radius as a service. Running radiusNT With
DOS prompt and a lot of users hitting your radius server, I don't know.
Use this "radius -x15 -A" (A is for radius accounting).