Re: (Tax Dollars putting me out!)

Jeff ( )
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 22:02:17 -0700

I am afraid that you have a few misconceptions on the peachnet system is

>>I have no problem with competition BUT, please don't use my tax dollars
>>to subsidize my very large competitor! He really doesn't have to have
>>it! I know there are companies who offer $9.95 mo rates but they are not
>>getting my tax dollars to do it.

They recieve no money from the school or goverment for that matter. The
school mearing neogiates a monthly rate with CampusMCI to supply thier
students with cheap access.

>>They put out some flyers with the info. They ran out so the library made
>>copies on the library copier. Then had the nerve to say that they
>>recieved no compensation for the service and that MCI was responsable
>>for everything.

That is correct. CampusMCI is a corporate divsion that handles specialize
services targeted towards students.

>>By housing the pops in state run institutions, using state paid
>>employees and garnering free advertising thru library press releases I
>>have a serious problem keeping my cool! They actually had a 1/4 page
>>press release in the newspaper called "A Spotlight on our Library" to
>>anounce the new service, didn't cost them a thing. The phone has been
>>ringing ever since asking us to meet that price. They don't see the
>>difference. They say they never use more than 60 hours. MCI put in a
>>free 56K line for the library in house users and a T1 with 25 lines in
>>the closet for commercial access to start with.

That was a request from the state of georgia. They ( your voted in
representives) wanted to give internet access to anyone would wants it.
Still the pricing scheme that CampusMCI uses is the same one they use
pretty much anywhere that a school has requested that CampusMCI supply
service to thier students.

>>We are a small rural ISP. New subscriber signups have all but ceased and
>>it has only been available for two weeks.

>>Anyone who becomes a library card holder is eligable for this discounted
>>access. For the consumer it is a great value up front but little does
>>the person realize we employee (8) eight people! How long before I go
>>out of business do they infiltrate other areas and do the same thing?
>>When the contract is up will the price stay the same? I DOUBT IT

Well that is what your voted reprentives wanted but that is not a discouted
price that is just CampusMCI standard pricing scheme.

>>Are there any other ISPs that see a problem with this? I plan to
>>investigate further.... I have spoken with reps from the State board of
>>Regents. I was given some answers but nothing satisfatory.

>>Am I over reacting here? Anyone else see this as an unfair advantage in
>>the market? Feel free to email me privately. I'm looking for any info I
>>can to assess this.

I don't think you are over reacting but, since campusmci pricing is
standard where ever they go you are going to have a hard time proving that
they gained an unfair advantage.

>>Thanks for listening,
>>Carl Delabar