Re: (Tax Dollars putting me out!)

James C Watts ( )
Tue, 22 Jul 1997 22:36:17 -0500

I don't think they can do that. We have a problem here with the University
doing web hosting, but I don't think they can open it up to dial in access,
especially since they are government subsidized. If anyone knows the legal
ins and out I am all ears

At 07:15 PM 7/22/1997 -0400, you wrote:
>Fellow ISPs:
>We had a thread here a few weeks ago discussing the MCI access under
>the brilliant marketing scheme Here in Georgia it
>is known as Peachnet our State College/University system.
>We are seeing the access ads from the local library for
>12.00 per mo. for the first 60 prime time hours (7:01 AM thru Midnight)
>and free access from 12:01 AM thru 7:00 AM. Each additional hr is .95
>after the 60.
>I have no problem with competition BUT, please don't use my tax dollars
>to subsidize my very large competitor! He really doesn't have to have
>it! I know there are companies who offer $9.95 mo rates but they are not
>getting my tax dollars to do it.
>They put out some flyers with the info. They ran out so the library made
>copies on the library copier. Then had the nerve to say that they
>recieved no compensation for the service and that MCI was responsable
>for everything.
>By housing the pops in state run institutions, using state paid
>employees and garnering free advertising thru library press releases I
>have a serious problem keeping my cool! They actually had a 1/4 page
>press release in the newspaper called "A Spotlight on our Library" to
>anounce the new service, didn't cost them a thing. The phone has been
>ringing ever since asking us to meet that price. They don't see the
>difference. They say they never use more than 60 hours. MCI put in a
>free 56K line for the library in house users and a T1 with 25 lines in
>the closet for commercial access to start with.
>We are a small rural ISP. New subscriber signups have all but ceased and
>it has only been available for two weeks.
>Anyone who becomes a library card holder is eligable for this discounted
>access. For the consumer it is a great value up front but little does
>the person realize we employee (8) eight people! How long before I go
>out of business do they infiltrate other areas and do the same thing?
>When the contract is up will the price stay the same? I DOUBT IT
>Are there any other ISPs that see a problem with this? I plan to
>investigate further.... I have spoken with reps from the State board of
>Regents. I was given some answers but nothing satisfatory.
>Am I over reacting here? Anyone else see this as an unfair advantage in
>the market? Feel free to email me privately. I'm looking for any info I
>can to assess this.
>Thanks for listening,
>Carl Delabar
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