Re: MS-DNS migration

Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 16:58:36 -0300

Franco Nogarin,

Em 15 Jul 97 as 10:27, voce escreveu:

> Hi I am planning on setting up one of my nt boxes as a secondary DNS
> server. I wish to use MS dns in NT 4.0 My other machine is using a bind
> port I belive, is there any recomendations for a procedure to migrate the
> files?

The only "secret" needed to make MS DNS Server work together with
Bind server (either primaries or secondaries) it to enable the
"BindSecondaries" option. It is a hidden option that you can enable
in your DNS boot file or you can put it directly in the registry. If
your DNS server is already running, it is easier to edit the registry
directly. Try this:

Go to:


Click with the right button and choose "New"/"DWORD Value". Name it
"BindSecondaries" (without the quotes) and give it the value "1".

That's all. Stop and Start your DNS Service and it will talk with any
Bind Server.

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