RE: IIS3.0 and logging into Web page with password

Lawrence Watkins ( )
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 14:58:34 -0500

Yes it is, if the files are on a NTFS partition right click on the
file/directory then properties, then permissions and set the users that
you want to have access to the files/directorys and remove the others.
When they go to that file/page with a browser it will ask for a login
and password if netscape, and if it is IE then it will try to use the
login credentials of the user you are currently logged in as. If you are
not in the domain that the resource is in then I am not exactly sure
what you type in the URL to login to the page using IE.

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> Subject: IIS3.0 and logging into Web page with password
> Hallo,
> Is it possible to control access to some Web pages
> with password ?
> How this could be done on NT4 / IIS 3.0 ?
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> Einars
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