Re: NT Routing ?!?!

Ing. Franklin Muņoz G. ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 10:02:49 -0600

also your ISP has to route your IP block to you, by the way what do you
mean by 210.8.64/24
shouldn't it be 210.8.64/32 or 210.8.64/16 what subnet mask are you using?

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It sounds like you might have your gateway IP address set wrong on the NT
router (Control Panel, Network, TCP/IP Protocol, Default Gateway). Also, in
3.51, you had to diddle a setting in the registry to enable routing (the
panel switch was wrong). I *think* 4.0 fixed *that* particular problem.

If you can't ping out, its not DNS.



At 01:38 PM 7/15/97 +1000, Darryl Harvey wrote:
>I am trying to connect a NT Box up to the net on a perm modem
>The IP's assigned are;
> was my DUN port.
> is my Ethernet port (NIC).
> is my class C (210.8.64/24)
>The connection works fine, but;
>1/. Anything on the internet cannot see the NIC or past it, but can ping
>and see the DUN port.
>2/. Anything on the internal LAN can see the NIC card, but not the DUN
>port or outside onto the net. The NT Box is also issuign IP's via DHCP
>on the LAN, so IP is working fine there.
>I have tried modifying the Route table, by clearing the routing table

>and adding static routes to point all external traffic to the DUN port,
>but it still doesn't work.
>route -f
>route add -p mask
>route add -p mask
>I have had this running on another NT box earlier this year (Different
>IP's), but am at a loss now as to what I am missing here.
>YES, IP routing/RIP is turned on and loaded.
>Suggestions please.
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