NT Routing ?!?!

Darryl Harvey ( darryl@myemail.com.au )
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 13:38:50 +1000

I am trying to connect a NT Box up to the net on a perm modem

The IP's assigned are; was my DUN port. is my Ethernet port (NIC). is my class C (210.8.64/24)

The connection works fine, but;

1/. Anything on the internet cannot see the NIC or past it, but can ping
and see the DUN port.
2/. Anything on the internal LAN can see the NIC card, but not the DUN
port or outside onto the net. The NT Box is also issuign IP's via DHCP
on the LAN, so IP is working fine there.

I have tried modifying the Route table, by clearing the routing table
and adding static routes to point all external traffic to the DUN port,
but it still doesn't work.

route -f
route add -p mask
route add -p mask

I have had this running on another NT box earlier this year (Different
IP's), but am at a loss now as to what I am missing here.

YES, IP routing/RIP is turned on and loaded.

Suggestions please.