Re: NT Routing ?!?!

Lee Levitt ( )
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 10:54:53 -0400

At 09:48 AM 7/15/97 -0500, David Payer wrote:
Daryl wrote:
>> I am trying to connect a NT Box up to the net on a perm modem
>> connection.

stuff snipped.
>What are you using as software on the NT machine to manage the routing or
>proxying that is being done? If you are trying to connect a network to
>another network via the DUN connection something must play the role of the
>sever inbetween and bridge those two segments.
>You can use Wingate, or Spaghetti, or WinProxy, etc. What are you using?
>Just Steelhead or some other routing software?

He doesn't *need* anything else. NT will act as a router without any
additional software. I've been doing exactly this for a year and a half
with NT 3.51, a small subnet, a bunch of virtual servers, and a RAS dialup
(first POTS, then 2 channel VOD ISDN) connection.

How'd I get it to work? Dunno. What motivated me? My wife got tired of
racing me in the morning to the home office to read her email on *my*
system :) So I built her a subnet and we surf side by side. The family that
surfs together...


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