Re: shared cd rom?

cyborg ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 22:46:02 -0700

I see a lot of interest about sharing or getting access to CD-ROM

I see some people go out and buy a 6 disk changer or something
for easily the price of 600-800 bux or buy muliple CD-ROM drives and
them virtually unused most of the time.

-What for?

I have seen a solution somewhere on the internet where a program creates
virtual CD-ROM drives for share or whatever, YOU name it. All you have
do is designate a place on a hard drive where to put the CD mirror file
it will create a letter for each mirror. And then you do whatever you
with it as if it was a CD-ROM. Pretty kewl! I tried it a while back and
it kicks ASS!

-What is this thing? I don't remember. If this would save serious money
some of you or make CD-ROM data access quicker and therefore make
trafic better or more efficient, whatever the reason is, let me know. I
will take the time to look at my archives to find this program for
you and direct you to where you can aquire it and purchase it.

It seems like the solution for some of you who only use CDs every once
a blue moon, or use the same CD everywhere (hopefully everyone at once.)


matthew wrote:
> we're getting tired of having cd-rom drives in all of our servers just so
> we can install nt server and occasionally add a driver.
> is there an easy way to share a network cd-rom drive amongst all of my nt
> servers??
> matthew
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