Re: NT Routing ?!?!

cyborg ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 22:28:52 -0700

I got same problem here. I can connect to the net, but not able to
retreive a thing. I thought it was something with DNS or name lookups.
I also have a DNS server installed.

Though it's not very important for me to have a connection online in
this OS I would like to hear from someone who has experience with this.


Darryl Harvey wrote:
> I am trying to connect a NT Box up to the net on a perm modem
> connection.
> The IP's assigned are;
> was my DUN port.
> is my Ethernet port (NIC).
> is my class C (210.8.64/24)
> The connection works fine, but;
> 1/. Anything on the internet cannot see the NIC or past it, but can ping
> and see the DUN port.
> 2/. Anything on the internal LAN can see the NIC card, but not the DUN
> port or outside onto the net. The NT Box is also issuign IP's via DHCP
> on the LAN, so IP is working fine there.
> I have tried modifying the Route table, by clearing the routing table
> and adding static routes to point all external traffic to the DUN port,
> but it still doesn't work.
> route -f
> route add -p mask
> route add -p mask
> I have had this running on another NT box earlier this year (Different
> IP's), but am at a loss now as to what I am missing here.
> YES, IP routing/RIP is turned on and loaded.
> Suggestions please.
> Darryl
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