Re: shared cd rom?

Joseph Bridgewater ( )
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 17:50:01 -0500

Do you enable ATDISK (startup=system I believe)? Also, we've always had
the best luck removing a cd-roms when it was connected to the secondary
controller. After we got in the habit of only ever connecting them to the
secondary controller, there was only one instance where we could never
figure out how to remove the drive without 'doze crashing when it was
trying to boot.

For checking the drive on boot, you mean CD? I doubt there's a way to stop
that; in fact I think it's the drive doing it. If you mean floppy, it
would be in the BIOS settings.

Joseph Bridgewater
Austin Internet

At 05:05 PM 7/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I didn't start this but.
>Every time I try to remove a CDROM from a server, disable the ATAPI, and
>the system will NOT boot. It starts to, goes to blue startup screen and
>hangs or blue screens with a message about atapi. Even removing the
>atapi.sys doesn't help.
>I also hear some of my server check the drive on booting, if there is a
>disk in there.
>So, does anyone know how to stop this.
>Any help appreciated
>JOhn :}
>> I hope I understand you question, but,
>> Double click on My-Computer,
>> Right click on the CD-ROM drive you want to share,
>> Left click on sharing,
>> click on "share as" radio button,
>> fill in the name,
>> Click "OK"
>> and you're done. Now you can map the drive on other computers,
>> provided you have the right protocols installed, on your computers (NT
>> and W95)
>> should have access to that CD-ROM drive.
>> Kurt
>> Initially loading your servers over the network is another story.
>> matthew wrote:
>> > we're getting tired of having cd-rom drives in all of our servers
>> > just so
>> > we can install nt server and occasionally add a driver.
>> >
>> > is there an easy way to share a network cd-rom drive amongst all of
>> > my nt
>> > servers??