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I agree. The MODEM might be 6Mbps, but you sure as hell aren't getting
that for $49.95. If that's the case, I'll scrap my DS3 and just buy 8
cable modem accounts. I think when all is said and done, the cable modems
will be more expensive because:

1.) They are buying the users equipment (modem) for them. Something we
don't do.
2.) The added strain of millions of people on the internet will cause
infastructure upgrades to be needed in the fiber cable something. That
cost will have to passed on to the consumer. Again, something we don't do,
we don't pay for RBOC infastructure (just our telephone bill).
3.) No matter what, we all pay them same for bandwidth. Also, they can't
work any peering arrangements because cable cos here don't allow server


At 03:46 PM 6/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I am a little confused here. How do you make any money selling something
>they are pushing in CompUSA and Computer City ? There are about a half
>dozen of these where I live.
>There's usually $100 room between retail and wholesale, maybe less if
you're into real discounters. There should be that much installing them as
>But that's not the issue. What happens is you keep that customer's 33.6K
account alive, he doesn't migrate off your books to cable etc. And your T1
- level continues to be all you'll really need for some years. The same
opportunity is there with WebTV.
>I can't see you exploiting "dry copper" and ADSL, going to T3's, ending up
with fiber optics and ATM bandwidth etc. in a $20/month market. Watch those
guys crash and burn for three years.
>Dwight Jones
>> My suggestion would be to become a dealer for Hughes' new dual
>> Internet/Digital TV 21" elliptical dish. The service is scheduled to
>> include TV as well as the Internet July 15th.
>> Fight back with 400K (with the return signal going through you at
>> 33.6),
>> and let the telcos stare down the throat of satellite TV, CD quality
>> music
>> and so on.
>> This gives you a chance to pour bandwidth onto the city that doesn't
>> have
>> to come from your poor little T1.
>> Otherwise you just wither and die, because you do not have another
>> generation of bandwidth available to you. I'm not affiliated with
>> Hughes,
>> just betting on them to save my bacon and give my ISP operation a
>> strong
>> future - that allies me with TV (a strong force in our society), and
>> keeps
>> the big boys hopping.
>> Check out of 56K and check into
>> Best Regards;
>> Dwight G. Jones
>> Imagen Communications Inc.
>> Information Architects tm
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