Re: Need Hardware Advice

Jason Hess ( )
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 08:43:46 -0500

Joe Claborn wrote:
> We are about to put T1 into a small business office. They have 12 computers
> that will be hooked to the T1. What hardware (CSU/DSU, Router, Hub) would
> you recommend?
> Thanks,
> Joe Claborn
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From my experience, I would suggest the following:

Cisco 1600 or Compatible Systems MicroRouter - both of these will have
the CSU/TSU integrated inside!!! And they are much cheaper than what you
might think

Hub - NetGear by Bay Networks seems to be a fairly inexpensive solution.
We have a tendency here to use cheaper stuff, but when it comes to our
customers, NetGear is our choice

The good news is: That would be all you need!!! The router obviously has
a 10BaseT ethernet connection on the back as well as an AUI (usually) to
connect straight into the local network...easy as pie :)

Good Luck,

Jason Hess
CIOE Corporation