Re: Macs on TCP/IP routed networks

Richard Fink ( )
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 21:00:51 -0700

Have you got the Gateway Address (Default Gateway) setup in the MacTCP ?

If you can't edit the field, temporarily change the radio button above to


At 19:48 7/8/97 -0700, you wrote:
>We have lots of Mac dial-up subscribers, having no problems (well, nothing
>out of the ordinary anyway <g>). Before continuing, I'll plead guilty to
>knowing just enough about Macs to be considered semi-armed and definitely
>We've recently been busy at one of our local schools adding several
>classroom Macs to a new Ethernet network with NT40 servers. All has gone
>pretty smoothly, NICs installed, seeing the servers, file exchange working
>fine, etc.
>But, the Internet connection stumped me today. With everything in MacTCP
>configured with what I'm *sure* are the right values -- they work fine on
>the same system's Win95 clients, all of which are up on the 'Net with no
>problem -- we're getting a consistent "Netscape unable to create a network
>sockets connection" error message (next task tonight is to look for a
>MacPing utility). Anyone out there know of anything else that needs to be
>Porterville, California
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