Macs on TCP/IP routed networks

Ted Olson ( )
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 19:48:33 -0700

We have lots of Mac dial-up subscribers, having no problems (well, nothing
out of the ordinary anyway <g>). Before continuing, I'll plead guilty to
knowing just enough about Macs to be considered semi-armed and definitely

We've recently been busy at one of our local schools adding several
classroom Macs to a new Ethernet network with NT40 servers. All has gone
pretty smoothly, NICs installed, seeing the servers, file exchange working
fine, etc.

But, the Internet connection stumped me today. With everything in MacTCP
configured with what I'm *sure* are the right values -- they work fine on
the same system's Win95 clients, all of which are up on the 'Net with no
problem -- we're getting a consistent "Netscape unable to create a network
sockets connection" error message (next task tonight is to look for a
MacPing utility). Anyone out there know of anything else that needs to be


Porterville, California