Re: Mounting drives across the internet

Kevin Seyer ( )
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 22:25:32 -0500

Hi Darryl,

Its fairly easy but before I begin I'll say this:

You're living dangerously!

This is very insecure. Consider yourself warned.

Remote PC:
Basically, you bind NetBIOS to TCP/IP for the adapter thats connected to
the Internet. This will differ depending on whether you're using NT or 95.
In NT you set the properties of the TCP/IP protocal to "Enable NetBIOS" (
or something like that). Here is the step that eludes most people, Edit
the LMHOSTS file. If it does not exist then use the LMHOSTS.SAM sample
file as a guide. You want to make the following entries: Name

The "" is the IP address of the NT Server and the "Name" is
the NetBIOS name of the NT Server. Do not be confused with DNS names. You
want to enter the "Computer Name" that you put into the CPanel->Network
page of the NT Server.

Server PC:
Add a user on the NTServer with the User Manager that matches the login of
the Remote PC. The passwords should match. If you have a Primary Domain
Controller (PDC) on the network then add the user there. The Remote PC's
credentials will be passed to the NTServer (or PDC) for authentication.

Right click on the subdir that contains your Access DB and select the
"Sharing" item giving read/write permissions to the remote user.

Check it out on the Remote PC:
At a Command Prompt type this: net view \\Name
You should see the sharename you added to the NTServer
To map a drive letter type: net use F: \\Name\MyShareName

Hope this helps,
Kevin Seyer
Dolphin Communications Inc.
Dallas, TX

At 11:20 AM 7/9/97 +1000, you wrote:
>Not really an ISP question, but hopefully the answer is easy and one of
>you will help.
>Scene: Corporate LAN, connected to the internet using NT server.
>Remote LAN, connected to the internet, could be NT, could be Win95
>(Could even be a remote dialup)
>We need to access an Access DB on the NT server. Remote machines need
>to update and retrieve records.
>I know it can be done, but the actual how has me licked.
>Can someone please explain how to enable this.
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