Re: NT Routing/Bridging (was: Windows 95 Networking....)

Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 19:00:05 -0600


> Are you using the new Routing and Remote Access Service Upgrade or the
> "offf the shelf" NT? If the latter then you may want to download the
> upgrade from Microsoft.
> Have you enabled IP Forwarding(Routing) in the TCP/IP settings?
> Have you set up a static route between the two ethernet cards or are you
> trying to use RIP?

It's an off the shelf install. IP forwarding is enabled - however, I'm not
sure if I've created a proper static route between the cards. (I'm not
using RIP). I'm somewhat unfamiliar with the ROUTE command, & the onscreen
help seems pretty poor. Running "help" didn't help. I'm assuming I'd use
ROUTE to create this... So far, most of what I've tried was rejected.
I'll hunt for the RRAS upgrade you mentioned... Hopefully MS has it
listed somwhere in the ntserver section of their web.

Thanks much-
Eric Fagan