Re: Cannot connect from W95 client to NT4.0 Server

Kevin Seyer ( )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 15:29:33 -0500


The NT server is looking for an Administrator level password. The login
you used for Win95 will be passed to NT for authentication. As the
previous message mentioned, this login must exist on the NT server. Also,
this login must have Adminstrator priviliges to access IPC$ (interprocess
communication). You could enter the Adminstrator password and make this
connection but you probably don't want everyone to have this level of

You should:
1) Add the user in NT
2) Create a new share for drive C
3) Give User privileges to this new share

Hope this helps,
Kevin Seyer
Dolphin Communications Inc.
Dallas, TX

At 10:46 AM 6/26/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Make sure that the logon you are using on the 95 box is a valid account on
>the NT box.
>At 01:34 AM 6/27/97 +0800, you wrote:
>>My Network has 1 NT 4.0 Server and 2 W95 clients.
>>I can map drives from the server to the clients , means I can connect easy
>>to the clients drives, but I cannot connect from a client to the server.
>>I can see the computers in the network neighbourhood, no problem, the
>>ethernet cards work, but if I connect to the server I get this message
>> \\ntserver1\IPC$ where ntserver1 the name of the server is, and IPC$
>> default mapping and it asks for a password, but I have no passwords at
>>all to access the server. How can I get rid of this IPC$ and connect to
>>drive c or d on the server.
>>Both drives are mapped on the server as Network drive under Microsoft
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