Re: Cannot connect from W95 client to NT4.0 Server

Rick Kunze ( )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:46:57 -0700

Make sure that the logon you are using on the 95 box is a valid account on
the NT box.


At 01:34 AM 6/27/97 +0800, you wrote:
>My Network has 1 NT 4.0 Server and 2 W95 clients.
>I can map drives from the server to the clients , means I can connect easy
>to the clients drives, but I cannot connect from a client to the server.
>I can see the computers in the network neighbourhood, no problem, the
>ethernet cards work, but if I connect to the server I get this message
> \\ntserver1\IPC$ where ntserver1 the name of the server is, and IPC$
> default mapping and it asks for a password, but I have no passwords at
>all to access the server. How can I get rid of this IPC$ and connect to
>drive c or d on the server.
>Both drives are mapped on the server as Network drive under Microsoft
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