analog MPP through phone lines

Mike Miller ( )
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 16:39:47 -0400

Hello all,

Has anyone had any experience in setting up a connection to use two
standard analog modems from a Win95 system connecting over telephone
lines to connect to a MAX4000 and bond to a single IP address? We are
using Ascend MAX4000 boxes here on our end, so I assume doing so would
involve getting the modems to act as a 2 channel MPP connection (much
like 128k ISDN). We have expiremented with Midpoint Companion software
without much luck. Also of interest would be any companies
manufacturing any dual-channel analog modems that support MPP (not
properitary methods). I understand doing such a multiple modem
connection to distribute the bandwidth can be done, just am having
trouble finding a way to do it.

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