Re: bug in IIS?

Robin McCutcheon ( )
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 00:15:28 -0500

Platform Preview 4.0 of MSIE does not seem to exhibit this behavior.

Robin McCutcheon
SpideyWeb, Inc.
From: Josh Hillman <>

>> From: Troy T. Hall <>
>> IS this a new bug in IIS?
>> I found it in my log files.
>> just type
>> ../?
>> and you will be instantly transported to the desktop :-{
>Entering this in the address (URL) area in your webbrowser (at least with
>MSIE 3.02 NT) displays the desktop contents of the user profile currently
>logged in on that same machine. You can do something similar by typing
>a shared resource's UNC path (\\sharedresource) and it will display the
>contents of that folder (if it's a folder/directory).
>I don't know of any way for an outside user to use this sort of thing to
>view the contents of your webserver (unless they were logged onto the
>network and had sufficient rights, etc.)
>Josh Hillman
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