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Stephen Farquhar ( )
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 13:57:12 +1000


Re: Frontpage

In my experience... don't do it. Forget about it. Have your users use FTP.

After 5 days of hair-tearing actually getting Frontpage (various Server extension versions) actually working with the client (again different versions), we were defeated by users who "decided they didn't like the way frontpage did things" and so started manually changing the various "_somefile" files.

This sent our Frontpage Extensions into a flat spin. We have killed it completely and lost maybe 1 or 2 customers as a result.

Everybody is much happier.

At 21:17 23/06/97 -0600, you wrote:
> II was (am) simply confused by the fact that frontpage does not respond
>as documented (haha, MS). I've done nothing but a generic install of NT &
>Frontpage + SP3. The documentation indicates that anything written to the
>"_private" directory is not WWW readable. I've found that to be incorrect.
> I tried to make the appropriate adjustment to knock down IUSER priv's but

>then I just got the errors. If I'm not mistaken, those files are already
>Admin:F -- I had only switched IUSER from RWXD to just WXD without success.
> Anyway, I'll give her another shot. Thanks-
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>> Subject: Re: IIS/Frontpage - Save results (permissions)
>> Date: Sunday, June 22, 1997 9:48 PM
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>> Just make special access. Go to securities, click permissions, select a
>> name, then click Special Access. Give IUSR Write (W), and Administrators
>> Full Control.
>> Kevin
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