IIS/Frontpage - Save results (permissions)

Eric Fagan ( (no email) )
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 19:57:20 -0600

Is anyone using the Frontpage save results bot on submit forms? I can't
seem to set it up to save to a non public file. That is to say, the file
that is saved from the form apparently MUST have IUSER_xxx read & write
privs -- thus making accessable to anyone who types in the file URL encoded
in the form. This isn't too good for protecting sensitive data that has
been submitted... If I attempt to pull the IUSER read or write priv on the
file, FrontPage generates a log error stating "Error 20010 - cannot open
file xxx for read/write. OS error 13 - permission denied". I tried
creating a private web to have files written there, but the same error is
logged. What's up with this?