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Sat, 21 Jun 1997 13:13:15 -0400

The message you received says that they will provide
a Free copy of NAV 2.0. Who sent you this message. Their
web site doesn't say Free copies, only free demos of the
sofware to use in conjunction with the CGI/Graphic program
(or should we say promo).


Lee Levitt wrote:
> I received this via email from Symantec this week...thought others might be
> interested. I have been running this software on my server since December,
> and have been quite problems, it's caught a few nasties, and
> monthly filter updates are easily retrieved from the Symantec site (at no
> charge).
> HTH,
> Lee
> >Symantec is piloting a program to keep the Internet virus free! We are
> > offering all NT Webmasters the opportunity to receive a free copy of
> > Norton AntiVirus 2.0 for Windows NT (for exclusive use on your
> > Internet server) and a link from the Symantec web site, which receives
> > more than 25,000 hits daily! In return we'd like you to display a GIF
> > proclaiming your site's virus-free status thanks to NAV NT. The GIF
> > you display will be the output of a CGI or .DLL script which verifies
> > that NAV is installed and displays the virus protection status,
> > including the last time the virus definitions file was updated.
> >
> > We now offer both CGI executable and an ISAPI .DLL version of Protect
> > Your Site. Depending upon your site's traffic, one may be more
> > efficient than the other (sites with over 10,000 hits per day should
> > consider using the .DLL file).
> >
> > For further information and to download the Protect Your Site program,
> > please visit To request your free copy
> > of NAV NT, please respond to this address, please include your postal
> > address.
> >
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