NT4 Server Client ce-mail connectin to Internet

Pacific Internet ( "Pacific )
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 00:22:50 +0800

I have a NT4 server working fine.

NT4 Server
Website 1.1
SLMailNT 2.5
Userve 2.2 for FTP server
Spagetti Proxy and Gateway server
Autosocks 2.1 Socket Server

TCP/IP and Netbeui installed
LAN cards set server Subnet (The only setting that

Leased Line connection with Static IP to the backbone of the Internet.

I can send and receive e-mail on the server using eudora as client.

I can ping from the server to anywhere.

W95 , Netbeui TCP/IP Lan card .....3.....4...5

I can ping from the server across the internet and the LAN.