Re: Symantec promotion

Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 11:43:09 -0300

Lee Levitt,

Em 22 Jun 97 as 8:48, voce escreveu:

> I received this via email from Symantec this week...thought others might be
> interested. I have been running this software on my server since December,
> and have been quite problems, it's caught a few nasties, and
> monthly filter updates are easily retrieved from the Symantec site (at no
> charge).

I would like to thank Lee for the tip. I went to the Symantec Site
and I have downloaded the "Protect Your Site" files. Unfortunatelly,
I don't have Norton Antivirus 2.0 and I didn't find where to get it
for free, as you stated in your message.

Reading the text of the message, it seems that to receive the free
Norton AntiVirus program, you should reply to the sender address of
the message you received. I've checked the software price, and I
found it is not very expensive. I could buy it for only US$ 69,95 and
it can be downloaded via FTP or HTTP, so I could apreciate your tip


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