Re: ISP Billing Programs Blooming

Dwight G. Jones ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 13:29:45 -0700

>From: Aaron Held:
>..Anyway I looked at the website and am impressed by the
>interface. I was considering developing my own billing software
>with a similar tree interface because I could not find one that
>I liked.
>I need a highly scaleable solution that I can customize. The only
>contender that I found was Portal Infranet for 100k per 25k users.
>That will get real expensive over the long run.

>Can you let me know how many users the system will support,
There is no practical (or theoretical) limit to the number of users (in
PayMaster) that we have identified. Just a system limit I would expect.
(How big is your cluster farm? :-)

>and if it is customizable. (Or if a custom version can be developed)
Customizing VC++? Sounds like a source code purchase if you want to do it,
or a custom/OEM version from us.
Aaron- this message was forwarded, I have no email address, please reply to
me personally at . Apologies to the list.

Dwight Jones