Serv-U auto-start parameters

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 20 Jun 1997 16:38:46 -0400

I've got Serv-U 2.2 running on one of our NT 4.0 (SP3) servers and need to
know what start-up parameters I should be using when setting it up to run
as a service using SRVANY.

Right now, when it starts up as a service, users are able to FTP into their
directory just fine, but once there, they can't do anything (access
denied). Emerald creates the new directories just fine, also. If I stop
the service and run Serv-U from the [START] menu, the users can do
everything just fine.

Here are my current registry settings for Serv-U:

ServUFTP/Parameters (all REG_SZ)
AppDirectory: C:\Program Files\Serv-U
Application: C:\Program Files\Serv-U\Serv-U32.exe
AppParameters: /i /u

What am I missing or adding that shouldn't be there?
I have the service start as a system application, interacting with the


Josh Hillman