tech support (Was RE: 56K / X2 pricing)

Rick Kunze ( )
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 13:52:20 -0700

FWIW, I charge a fee to re-setup a user's screwed up box . . . (No pun
there :) the SAME fee I charge to do it the first time. Also, upon sign
up, I give printed instructions to the customer, that walks them through
the setup, so that when they _do_ screw things up (which they all do
inevitably) they have the instructions they need to do the job over again.
(Dial up Networking, Explorer & Eudora instructions)

This seems to work well. Some ppl though, are happy to pay me to set them
up again. (In some cases, over and over!)

Additionally, the "tech support" issue seems to me, to only be a problem
with new sign-ups. For the most part anyway.

JOOC, has anyone tried the CD being pushed by "Internet Training Corp?" Is
it worth the money?


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