Re: tech support (Was RE: 56K / X2 pricing)

Mike ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 17:13:58 -0400

I got an eval of Internet Training's CD

It's good in the respect that Mac, Win 3.x and Win 95 software is all on
one cd.
You don't have to duplicate CD or diskettes then worry if one is bad.
The setup couldn't be easier, all the user has to do is enter a unique code
for the ISP, their username and password, then drag and drop the software
they want installed. It sets up email, dns, DUN all in one step.

Now for the bad part:

ITC is just distributing freeware/shareware that they download and burn
onto cd, so your users would have to register the shareware parts, if
needed. Internet Explorer is not generic its branded to ITC.

But for the most part I feel its worth it for now, I just ordered 25 copies
to try.

Mike Kuzenko
NetDotCom Internet Services
> From: Rick Kunze <>
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> Subject: tech support (Was RE: 56K / X2 pricing)
> Date: Monday, June 16, 1997 4:52 PM
> FWIW, I charge a fee to re-setup a user's screwed up box . . . (No pun
> there :) the SAME fee I charge to do it the first time. Also, upon sign
> up, I give printed instructions to the customer, that walks them through
> the setup, so that when they _do_ screw things up (which they all do
> inevitably) they have the instructions they need to do the job over
> (Dial up Networking, Explorer & Eudora instructions)
> This seems to work well. Some ppl though, are happy to pay me to set
> up again. (In some cases, over and over!)
> Additionally, the "tech support" issue seems to me, to only be a problem
> with new sign-ups. For the most part anyway.
> JOOC, has anyone tried the CD being pushed by "Internet Training Corp?"
> it worth the money?
> Rk
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