Re: Novice on Win Nt needs some advice

Suyue Zhou ( )
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 14:08:05 +0800

At 00:54 6/15/97 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>I am running several W95 server and no problem at all.
>Now I have started to load W NT 4.0 server software to one of my servers as
>I must switch to NT for multi homing.
>56.6 line (leased line with modem connection, my ISP has no ISDN)
>static IP number
>166 mhz pentium PC
>The NT server should be a stand alone Internet server, but I have also one
>network card installed for acessing my LAN with 2 clients that are on W 95.
>In the first install I am asked for
>Domain Server
>Stand Alone Server etc.
Stand Alone Server is suggested.
>Which option do I use for a standalone Internet server?
> Can I still connect my LAN to the server?
yes, you can.
> Now I am using Ishare and Windows 95 to access the Internet from a Lan
>client, which works very well, How about NT , how do I connect to the
>Internet from a LAN Client:
>Ishare does not work.
I think Ishare must be work under NT. I think you need to config your network
configuration properly. You need to setup tcp/ip protocol properly, If you
use netbeui
to let Ishare work you need to add netbeui protocol, so Ishare can work.
>I installed MS Proxy server, but get an errors 21300
>and cannot open the proxy server.
I did not use ms proxy but use CSM proxy server. It works very well. please
find the CSM proxy server in
Hope this will be a little help to you.

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