Novice on Win Nt needs some advice

Pacific Internet ( "Pacific )
Sun, 15 Jun 1997 00:54:22 +0800

Hi there,
I am running several W95 server and no problem at all.

Now I have started to load W NT 4.0 server software to one of my servers as
I must switch to NT for multi homing.

56.6 line (leased line with modem connection, my ISP has no ISDN)
static IP number
166 mhz pentium PC
The NT server should be a stand alone Internet server, but I have also one
network card installed for acessing my LAN with 2 clients that are on W 95.

In the first install I am asked for
Domain Server
Stand Alone Server etc.

Which option do I use for a standalone Internet server?
Can I still connect my LAN to the server?

Now I am using Ishare and Windows 95 to access the Internet from a Lan
client, which works very well, How about NT , how do I connect to the
Internet from a LAN Client:
Ishare does not work. I installed MS Proxy server, but get an errors 21300
and cannot open the proxy server.

Any help is very much appreciated
best regards