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Franco Nogarin ( )
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 09:16:13 -0600

Josh, I would say its a good idea to go to the KB at and do a
search fro FP and NT. there are some very intresting articles in keeping
permissions correct. when things explode it can usally be attributed to bad
permissions. (on my setup anyhow, it is near identical to yours)

Franco Nogarin
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Subject: IIS 3.0 and Front Page ext.

In the past few months, I've noticed that a lot of people on this mailing
list have talked about Front Page extensions and little problems/quirks
they've had while using it. Up until now, I've never had a reason/need to
install FP on our IIS 3.0 server, but one of our coworkers wants to use it
for some of the pages she's creating. I'd appreciate any comments,
warnings, config tips, permissions issues, etc. about FP.

Here's how our IIS 3.0 server is set up:
NT 4.0 Server SP3 / Intel P166 / 96MB RAM / 64MB pagefile

physical drive (2-2GB drives) / letter
1 C: (WinNT, other progs)
1 W: (our main website)
\index.html (default page)
1 F: (FTP files)
R: (CDROM drive)
2 D: (Virtually hosted domains)
\mycompany\*.* (
\someotherco\*.* (
2 U: (personal webspace for customers)

- .html files also process SSIs (just as an .stm file would).
- CGI files are all located in a directory on the main website drive, but
there's a virtual reference to it in IIS Manager (so that it's accessible
for scripts from any website on our server).
- IIS is NOT installed in the default location (C:\winnt\system32\inetsrv).
- index.html is the default page.
- directory browsing is not enabled at the moment.
- Serv-U FTP is used to link the user db (Emerald/SQL) to directories on D:
and U:. Serv-U runs on another server so it has a different dns name / IP
address from our main FTP server/files.
- Currently IIS handles the main FTP, while Serv-U grants access for users
to the appropriate directory on D: and U:.

Thanks for any info!

Josh Hillman

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