Re: What to charge for Discussion List services

Jose Carlos da Silva ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 10:43:09 -0300

Chuck Scott,

In 10 Jun 97 at 17:52, you wrote:

> I have recently had some inquiries into providing list services. What is
> the going rate for this service, or do most ISP's offer it for free? I
> would be interested in knowing what you charge on a monthly basis and if
> and how much you charge for a setup fee.

I use to provide lists for free. I have setup a fee of US$ 50,00 per
year to mantain lists for corporate use or to create moderated lists.
I think that it would be very difficult to set a price higher than
US$ 100,00 because there are companies like Pobox (
which mantain lists for this fee.


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