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Phillip Heller ( )
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 22:13:08 -0400

Dan Waldron wrote:
> We have users web pages set up on our NT 4.0 server, and we have installed
> the Frontpage server extensions. Does anybody know of a utility that
> automatically creates the users directories (much like the ~username
> directories in Unix) and sets the appropraite permissions and/or FTP
> aliases so it all works? It's not a big thin g to do manually with a small
> number of users but it's a bit different when they increase.
> Rgds
> Dan
> PS: I'm enjoying this new list much more than the last one :-)
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Well, we run both IIS FTP and WWW on the same machine. The WWW root
directory is E:\WWW and the FTP root directory is also E:\WWW. We put
our web pages in E:\WWW and we've written some batch files to add users
automatically and set permissions.


@echo off
echo ftpuser [User Login] [User Password]
net user %1 %2 /add /domain /comment:"%2"
md temp\%1
move temp\%1
echo y | cacls %1 /G %1:F

This may vary between installations, but basically, under NT, when you
create a directory, it inherits the permissions of its parent directory,
so the temp directories permissions are:
Administrators:Full Control
System:Full Control

the last command gives the user full control.

If you put this file in your scripts directory, and enable batch file
script execution in the registry script mappings, you could call this
via the web like so:


But, if someone else stumbled across that, they'd have a field day. We
do remote creation via the web, but it is a little more involved. We
use rsh on a management machine and have an rshd running on the web
server. We do roughly the same thing for mail accounts.

Good Luck,

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