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Jason Hess ( )
Wed, 11 Jun 1997 08:42:15 -0400

Dan Waldron wrote:
> We have users web pages set up on our NT 4.0 server, and we have installed
> the Frontpage server extensions. Does anybody know of a utility that
> automatically creates the users directories (much like the ~username
> directories in Unix) and sets the appropraite permissions and/or FTP
> aliases so it all works? It's not a big thin g to do manually with a small
> number of users but it's a bit different when they increase.
> Rgds
> Dan
> PS: I'm enjoying this new list much more than the last one :-)
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I am not sure about the aliasing FTP and WWW, but we are using
variable strings to setup a users home directory. We simply went in and
made a directory called users and specified the $USERNAME string in the
home directory path in the User Manager. More precisely, I have a
Default User account setup with the string c:\users\$USERNAME. When I
copy the Default User account to an account called for instance mine,
the string will automatically create the c:\users\mine directory. I
believe the default permissions on such a directory are Full Control by
the user (in this case MINE), and Read by Everybody.
I hoped this helped a little,

Jason Hess
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