RE: PO 3.1 ISP Deal

Donald Livengood ( )
Tue, 10 Jun 1997 16:11:11 -0400

Actually, I'm not dead wrong. Tell me how many single boxes with
Exchange on them (you can throw as many processors as you'd like at
this) you have seen that can support a 100,000 user ISP community?

I saw a demo of Exchange on a HUGE Alpha box (4100, quad 466 mhz
processor...loads of memory [1 GB] ) that was using some pre-release
Exchange and NT software and it only supported 50,000 POP3 users and
1.8 million messages/day. As I've said, there are many Post.Office
sites out there supporting 50-100K plus users and, let's see, at
30msgs/second (which is low end with their new stuff) that would be
1.7 Million messages in a 16 hour period.

So, as far as scaling on a single platform, I guess these FACTS would
make you dead wrong wouldnt' it?


If you think Post.Office scales better than Exchange, you are dead

However there is no good way to do a price comparison, as an ISP
inevitably license Exchange in concurrent connection mode.

I am not advocating Exchange in an ISP environment, I am just curious
the cost comparison is.


> and what your needs are Post.Office is pretty solid.
> Personally, as things stand right now, I wouldn't recommend Exchange

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