PO 3.1 ISP Deal

Tom Bilan ( tom@tdi.net )
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 09:44:01 -0400

Software.com has a promo going on for ISPs that drastically reduced
their standard pricing for Post.Office down to something more affordable
for a high volume of mailboxes.

$995 for 2500 mailboxes and 250 lists.

My company, TDI, is a reseller for Post.Office and here is a copy of
the mail I've received from Software.com. Pay special attention towards
the bottom of the message where it mentions upgrades. If you're
interested in purchasing Post.Office contact myself, tom@tdi.net, and
I can help step you through the process. Also, if you're unfamiliar
with the product, then hit their web site. You can even download an
evaluation copy of 3.x.

I know Software.com has been flamed pretty hard for changing their
pricing policy from 2.x but with this offer it shows MUCH improvement
over their previous policy.

-Tom Bilan


Customer.Connect Partners,

We are offering a special promotion to small ISP's until the end of
September 1997!

2,500 mail accounts (plus 250 mailing lists)

$995 (a $12,375 value)

Software.com recognizes the specific needs of Internet Service Providers in
implementing comprehensive messaging solutions for their expanding
customer bases. For a limited time, ISPs with fewer than 5,000 worldwide
accounts can get the new features and capabilities of Post Office 3.0 for a
fraction of the standard purchase price.

2,500 mail accounts (plus 250 mailing lists) for $995 (a $12,375
value). Prior purchases of Post.Office will be credited toward the
$995 purchase price (see note below).

Offer limited to two licenses per ISP. Valid until September 30, 1997.
as a qualified ISP is subject to verification.

To request this special offer:
Submit your request for this special promotional offer to Software.com on the
letterhead of the requesting ISP along with your purchase order. The
request letter must:

1.request the discount be extended to the inquiring ISP
2.certify that the ISP has no more than 5,000 total world-wide
3.certify that the ISP will have purchased no more than 2 servers under
this special offer upon completion of the requested transaction
4.identify the name and position of the individual making the request
5.and be signed by that individual.
6. include the URL of the ISP's home page and the URL of the ISP's
pricing page

Note for Existing Post.Office Owners:
Prior Post.Office software purchases (version 2.x and earlier) by qualified
ISPs may be applied toward purchases made under this offer.

Example: A qualified ISP who previously purchased a
Post.Office 2.0, 100 account license for $495 is eligible to
receive a $495 credit toward the purchase of a 2,500 account
license resulting in a net price of $500).