Re: PO 3.1 ISP Deal

Tom Bilan ( )
Mon, 09 Jun 1997 11:31:58 -0400


I know how you feel. I purchased 2.x also but I'm a smaller ISP
and never knew about the unlimited license nor should I ever
(unfortunately) need an unlimited license. The new "deal" from does help me out because I don't want to put in the
time, effort and stress into switching over to a new mail system.
This is a moderately inexpensive way to get more mailboxes, list
support, non-relay spamming and other goodies for people who are
less "pissed" than others :)

I do see where you're coming from. If I had a large number of
mailboxes and wanted $10,000 to upgrade me to 3.x
I'd probably be running sendmail in 48 hours...


>Message-Id: <>
>Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 11:20:20 -0500
>From: (Randy Martin)
>Subject: Re: PO 3.1 ISP Deal
>We've been all through this. Check the prior messages on this list for
>everyone's opinion. If I were you, I'd get off the ship. It's going down!
>We're mad as Hell, and we're not going to take it anymore!!