RE: Domain queueing and NT mail servers

Mike Topalovich ( )
Tue, 3 Jun 1997 17:33:54 -0500

So basically, you don't have to tell NT Mail to not try and resend the
queued mail locally, as it does it automatically? Do you have the MX
priority of the NT Mail server set greater than 10?

I would just download the trial mice elf, but it never works right when
I do.

Thanks for the info.


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On Tue, 3 Jun 1997, Mike Topalovich wrote:

> I am looking for a mail server for NT that has the domain
> function similar to that in Sendmail 8.8.5. I want the NT
mail server
> to be able to accept SMTP mail as a lower-priority MX than a
> server if the primary server is unavailable, and then deliver
the queued
> mail when the primary server is available again.
> Any ideas? I'm stumped at this point.

NTMail does this without any changes. I do it for my NTMail
server (we have one at the office also) at home when
my ISDN is down. Works great.


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