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BA ( )
Sun, 01 Jun 1997 11:52:19 -0500

I just switched to they have some sort of stats to let =
know if you are maxing out your connection? I started with 20 and I am
wondering if I am hitting my cap already, was unable to get on for a
certain period last night during testing.

On Sun, 01 Jun 1997 03:37:53 -0400, Fulton Preston so eloquently wrote:

>I started with 10 users from Supernews and quickly went to 15. I have =
>users on 140 ports. My previous average (when I hosted my own server) =
>five connections. Once I switched to Supernews (without telling my
>customers, they still don't know) word spread that our news service was
>great and I ended up at 15. The response time is a little slow, about =
>seconds, but once it starts it is non-stop. I am connected to UUnet =
>2 hops away from MAE-EAST, and Supernews is connected to MAE-WEST, a =
>short hop count for me anyway. Really, I could care less about the hop
>count as it is nearly invisible to my dialup customers, since a 33.6
>connection cannot tell the difference and so far none of my customers =
>tell. The price is right for me.
>In short, I am very pleased with the service, besides the fact that they
>carry over 32,000 newsgroups and carry all articles in all groups
>( last night had 29,845 articles! Thats some =
>drive space!!!!)
>So far I am very pleased with the service and am relieved that I do not
>have to fuss with another news server again, not to mention what I have
>saved in bandwidth costs, we were ready to order another T1 but that =
>away the second we went with Supernews. Hmmm, $150 a month versus $3000=
>month.... hard to decide!)
>Fulton Preston.
>Eaglenet, Inc.
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>>Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 11:59:35 -0400
>>Ok, you guys have just about sold me to ;) I also have
>>millions of problems with my NNTP feed and such, it sucks up bandwidth =
>>well as it takes up an entire machine which really could be doing other
>>things :) I see that for $100 you get a 10 user simultaneous site
>> does that work, and is it adequite etc? I am just =
>>before I jump in....It sounds like these guys jumped on the right item =
>>starting a business :) Any info would be appreciated :)
>>Jared Groves
>>System Administrator
>>Digital Entropy =

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