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BA ( )
Fri, 30 May 1997 21:01:35 -0500

Heheh.....we just switched to supernews as well....they are great.

We were using net.manage nntp server for NT, however, it would crash =
a month and take a full day running a chkdsk on the news volume
(9gig)....supernews saves a lot of headache.

On Fri, 30 May 1997 10:49:54 -0400, Fulton Preston so eloquently wrote:

>I tried MCIS news and will never touch it again. It is so agonizingly =
>it isn't even funny. It will use 100% cpu time and almost all available
>ram so if you decide to use it be prepared to make that the only thing =
>server does. It couldn't keep up with the feed and it missed a LOT of
>I eventually took the server down and setup service with Supernews. For
>$100 a month it was a deal I couldn't resist. It makes one less server =
>have to fuss with and I no longer have a 9gig nntp feed wasting my =
>Fulton Preston
>>From: "Troy Hall" <>
>>To: <>
>>Subject: newsfeeds
>>Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 21:29:44 -0700
>>Message-ID: <>
>>Does anyone know of any public newsfeeds for users?
>>Has anyone had any experience with MCIS news?
>>I started the program tonight and it seems like it is taking FOREVER to
>>load the newsgroup folders onto the hardrive.
>>What I ultimately would like is a news server that ONLY gets the news
>>groups that are subscribed to and leaves all the rest.
>>as of this moment the news is requiring 100% cpu usage and almost 50meg=
>>ram :-{
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