Re: dial-in protocols

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Thu, 29 May 1997 21:17:56 -0000

You say that only SOME of your users are having problems. If you could
answer the following questions, maybe we ( in the mailing list ) can help
you pinpoint the source faster. Btw, the info below assumes you use NT's
Remote Access Service ( RAS ).

1. What OS are your users using ? Windows 95 ? Unix ?

I tried dialing into my NT server using a Linux machine. The modems
connected. However, there was no active user present, as reported by RAS
Admin. Neither was there any login prompt presented on the Linux machine's

Found out in Microsoft's Knowledge Base that there IS actually problems
with Unix machines dialing into NT. The solution ? Forgot. Just look it up

When I tried calling the NT server with Windows 95, it worked. No problem
at all.

2. Have these users been granted dialin permissions ?

3. What protocol did these users use to dial into your NT RAS server ? PPP
or something else ( SLIP, CSLIP, etc..) ( Look at their Dial-Up Networking
and see the Server property tab ) ?

NT only supports PPP for dial-in users.

4. What protocols were these users intending to use ? If they were planning
to be part of your network and browse your network resources ( drives,
printers ), they would be using NetBEUI or IPX, aside from TCP/IP. Have
you enabled these protocols in your NT server ? If not, go to Control Panel
| Network | Services | Remote Access Service | Network and enable these

- Danny Sinang

> From: Na'eem Jeenah <>
> To:
> Subject: dial-in protocols
> Date: Thursday, May 29, 1997 5:30 PM
> Some of our users are having problems connecting. They get
> authenticated, then get the message about not being able to negotiate
> a compatible set of protocols.
> The event viewer on our side shows them getting authenticated, then
> says the call terminated at user request. Any ideas, please
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