Kurt Schafer ( (no email) )
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 16:42:30 -0400

Can't help you but I can add my two cents.

I upgraded 3 of my Max4000's last night and I'm encountering the same
problem. On a conceptual basis I'm evaluating the possibility that Ascend
may have plugged some additional attributes into a new RADIUS dictionary to
limit connect rate. (since I can't really see any glaring errors in my Max
config) Going to dig a dictionary up off their site now and take a peek.

I'd appreciate it if you, (or anybody else) could let me know what you
find. I'll do the same.

- Kurt

> From: Ed Miller <>
> To: ''
> Subject: ISDN
> Date: Saturday, July 19, 1997 3:07 PM
> Greetings,
> Well here it is another weekend and what are we(I) doing? WORKING. Oh
> Well.
> We installed the 56k modems in our Ascend MAX4000 the Fri. All went
> but now it seems the ISDN people can not signon. Does anyone have an
> why?
> Not to many of our customers are IDSN so I have a little time till the
> revolt. So any help?
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