Re: Does Emerald support prorating?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 13:04:25 -0700

Steve Easley wrote:
> Does Emerald support prorating?


> Dale told me it only does only Anniversary billing, but that seems
> inconsistent with the docs and the test accounts I've entered. When I
> keyed a MBR in on the 17th(7/17/97) and then created an invoice for it,
> it only created a $21 invoice (the amount of the service). Then, when I
> paid it, it set the Paid Thru and Expire dates to 8/31/97.?

Your default for expiration is set to 14 days. When you created the
account, it was 7/17/97 and its expire was set to 14 days from that,
or 7/31/97 (see the admin for teh default expire setting). Then when
paid it, the account was set to 8/31/97. Repeat this process again
and you'll see the dats MUCH different.

> If it does anniversary billing why when did it set the Expire and Paid
> Thru date to 8/31/97? It would seem it should be 8/17/97.?

Because your default expire is set to 14 in the admin.

> BTW- The Docs mention Prorating, also the examples always show the
> expire date to be the end of the month.

Just luck, just like the match above comes out to be.

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